If you knew this was the last day of your life
Would you testify,
would you testify

If he called on you to give an account
Would you run and hide,
would you run and hide

And if no one could prove it or toss you aside
Would you tell a lie, would you tell a lie

No weapon formed against me shall prosper
I coming for my enemies,

I know who trust
And whom I believe,
so I’m finished here down on my knees

Don’t worry bout who’s looking at you
Go on and testify,
go on and testify

And if you got a dance and you can’t stand still
Go on, run and fly,
go run and fly

Cause you’re more than what they’ve said about you
Oh be sanctified,
be sanctified

Cause it’s your time now, to live and shine
Go on and glorify,
go on and glorify

No weapon formed against you shall prosper
I’m coming for your enemies,

I know whom you trust
And who you believe,
so finish there down on your knees

I’m gonna praise and give him my life
I gotta raise him high,
I gonna raise him high

I was sick, sick and now I am healed
Oh testify,
I’m gonna testify

Cause I’ve gotta new song down in my soul
I’m gonna shout it out,
I’m gonna shout it out

No weapon formed against us shall prosper
I’m coming for our enemies,

I know in whom we trust
And who we believe,
so we’re finished here down on our knees

We gonna testify, oh testify Hey testify, oh testify
I’m gonna, I’m gonna Testify, oh testify
Hey testify, oh testify I’m gonna, I’m gonna