I’m not going act like I
Like I know it all
Even though I’ve had my moments
I still stumbled, didn’t break my fall 

Oh I’m so glad
He never let his hands off of me
For I’m pushing my victory

It’s apart of my destiny

Don’t let go,
don’t give up 

I know, I know some things are
Much easier said than done, yes it is
But the road to completion is paved with
many high priced tolls

All you do is give and give 

And yes I believe and I’m convinced
It all serves a purpose for you, you’ll see
It’s placed there for your good
Hold on, be strong, it will be understood

I’m living in my truth my testimony
No time to hide, be shamed or act a phony
What is, it is and always shall be

No need to force it, you can be set free 

I’m here to tell you that
Sometimes you have to have your own back
But be not afraid of the outcome
For your fate is sealed, it’s already done 

Just keep on keeping on
Keep on steppin’ into the dawn
And wipe the tears from your eyes
I know you can get through it, don’t you cry 

You are not alone in this race
I’ve been there a time or two
Just stopping by to give you a little peace of mind
I got you and he does too, oooh 

why, I hear you saying why oh why
Why have I been picked out to picked on
Need this pain to stop and be gone 

Just keep on keeping on
And don’t give up and don’t give in
I know you gonna make it
I know you gonna win

Don’t give up,
Don’t let go