What do you do
When you done all you know to do
Ah What do you say
When all has been said
Where can you go
When there’s place to go
Ah oh, what do you do

How can you give
When you have given all that ya have
And how much do you feel
When there’s nobody there to help you
With the answers to all the questions

I’ve been on this road for a long time
And I’m trying to step aside
And let all the thoughts settle down
So I gotta be patient
It’s the human side of me
That seems to let her mind run free
Just one of those things

So I’m asking
What do you do
I guess I have to wait
Gonna wait
Wait until my chance come
Gonna wait
Yes, I’ll wait

It says if I wait patiently
Lord then you will hear my cry
And I know, I know you’ll listening

Oh I’ve got to wait
Ooohh..Gonna wait
Oooooo…..hhmmmm wait